My Rules:
I'm okay with any type of drawing requests and kinks coming up except scating and gore. I love drawing ahegao most of the time but heck, anything that nsfw is a good shit.
My Pricelist (approximate):
50 Extra Votes:
Blowjob + Bukakke
100 Extra Votes:
Couple (straight/homo) having sex in any types of play
250 Extra Votes:
Two male/female gangbanged

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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My God Eater OC and Hugo Pennywort having having sex with my character riding on top of Hugo. Would also love for my character to be barefoot in this image. And please note the bracelets on both chars as they both cant come off of them. [img id="adc72f23365d52bedca832cb9439eec3"] [img id="47823a882c3c1ae3dcaa9b2dcc3e1417"] [img id="e9b1c58d006c6c116049fe535aa74ce7"] [img id="de8485175d334c12bc60ee0fcac3d451"] [img id="556691cf48631901221f9804927cfe7b"] [img id="1c5edff94758dd7e457101889664fcff"] [img id="e9cd29ae612d72f47f32a302d6ca3b63"] [img id="a199f3ce98caf66b911298bd8de13f42"] [img id="7b3f00491090ac788a3e08b93a3db1da"] [img id="b62b82263abec3bb69a58237b54c1ff5"] [img id="1b8130286847baed3dc8a392de4d602b"] [img id="39f90c9050e833f51e19669c1041cffb"] [img id="257b855050b5cceda614b7825bb1fa50"] [img id="776b422d64166cabff7952688faaffc4"] [img id="6a5017ea27362fc20aa853d6cdb81090"] [img id="aa067e69c3b14b5cd9debf566d053b12"] [img id="64ea49354a3a8cc69fa562668d4154e3"] [img id="ed37ea8e713fed8d4d346ecbdc376e1a"]
Added: 2019-03-20 07:40:30
BUST/CHEST COMMISSION Maya from mobile game Epic Seven annoyed to find out her breasts became exposed out of her outfit. Expression should be similar to the face reference but doesn't need to be exact; only detail necessary should be that she is looking down at her breasts. Some dialogue to be included as follows: "Dammit, not again..." [img id="8d81ec5b0792efc0965bcb4afb6f64dd"] [img id="6301a7d431db46ba387307ed7f5a6897"] [img id="a4be01d24bd8fa81b583c11f2d974428"]
Added: 2019-02-05 07:02:59
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Nadia Fortune from Skullgirls turned into a bimbo like the reference [img id="433cf16f6d0e92d500f9b489dea63a05"] [img id="38360dd20dd9e8722f20f2051d479295"] [img id="e698dd422a863eb225b695203cb9ebd6"]
Added: 2019-02-02 01:17:49
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Car foreplay

Added: 2019-01-19 22:13:50
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